Friday, April 3, 2009

Wake Up Fatso

Wow...let me say that again WOW!

I had a major wake up call this morning as to the magnitude of my poor food-making decisions. First of all let me say that I knew that I had cheated a little this week, so I thought that I probably wouldn't lose any weight this week, and I thought that I may gain a pound....lets try 3 pounds...thats right...3 POUNDS

At first I was confused, how could I have gained back...EVERYTHING that I had lost in 1 week, and then I started to think about it a little more....let me give you a little recap of my meals this past week, Friday; Chicken nachos Saturday; Sushi at the grocery store then a hotdog at home Sunday; Big ol' plate of fried fat (seafood) Monday; a little extra helping of Chicken Nachos before dinner Thursday; Fried Chicken and about a thousand other things, not to mention the cookies I snuck or the snacks out of the vending machine at wonder I gained 3 pounds...yuck! What a fattie!

Well this has served as new motivation, I am on fire now, I will not be deterred, I will not be misled. I am sick of helpful hints and excuses and super sweet pep talks...I am down to the bare bones, no non-sense, no b.s., nuts and bolts. I will lose 23 pounds if it kills me.

Here is my plan:

1. Cancel Weight Watchers...It hasn't worked for 3 months, why will it work now? I know that I can do this on my own, and I don't need another enabler to keep me from reaching my goal.
2. Spend two weeks on the Master Cleanse to jump start my weight loss, you know the one Gwenyeth? used. This entails, going to the bookstore to purchase the book, and basically overhauling my food intake for two weeks. While I am at the bookstore I will also purchase a book for my friend and a few books for the baby of a friend, as well as maybe this book by the girl who invented the Skinny Girl Cocktail. I will also swing by Sports Authority and pick up a stability ball and a cardio video to use on rainy days.
3. After my two weeks of Master Cleanse, I will spend two weeks with protein. Protein, Protein, protein. No carbs, no sugar, no veggies, no oils, no fat....just protein.
4. After those two weeks of protein, I will work carbs back in slowly. 2 cups of veggies a day for as long as it takes to reach my goal.

I will also be upping my workout regime. 6 days a week. Cardio everyday, strength training every other day.

My new motto (I stole from the super fit girl at work): "Do a little more each day than you think that you possible can do."

I am tired of making excuses and watching the scale rise.
I am tired of feeling like a no-will-power loser
I am tired of looking in the mirror and feeling icky.

I am on a mission.


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