Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to Properly Floss

Sooo I went to the dentist this morning.

Now being the good two shoes that I am I was never afraid of the dentist because I always brushed my teeth and never had any cavities...that is until I turned 18...ask my sister about that pleasant experience. So then I went to college and then I turned 23 and got kicked off my dad's dental insurance (BOO) and so I fell out of my routine checkup pattern and maybe fell out of the habit of flossing regularly so you can imagine the excitement that insued? when I went to the dentist for the first time last wasn't pretty and I got chastized like a school girl for not taking proper care of my gums.

Since May I have been diligently flossing at least once a week (still not enough but a big step up from NEVER) but was still quite apprehensive about this trip due to the facts that A. I remember the pain of the last visit B. I try to avoid repeating painful experiences and C. a goody two-shoes I remain and hate to get into trouble. Side-note: I also have an irrational fear of my teeth falling out

So anyway...I went to the dentist this morning and first of all the dental hygenist was the nicest hygenist I have ever met. So she went to show me how to floss because after all this time my gums are still sensitive...and she did this thing where I watched in a mirror as she went up inbetween my tooth and the gum and I literally about cried because I was soooo scared that my tooth was going to pop out right there (irrational fear rears its ugly head) in the dentist chair. I felt like an idiot! She actually had to get me tissues! Sooo embarrassing. I guarantee I am the only person to ever have cried (well a few tears popped out) in the dentist's office because of flossing technique.

And because I have no shame I felt the need to share. There is a picture of the finished product. Not bad.

Later Alligator!

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