Saturday, September 11, 2010

Playing Grownup

When I was in Kindergarten we had centers in Mrs. Copeland’s class at Alachua Elementary School. There was the reading center, munipulatives (I got in a fight with a girl in munipulatives for stealing my blocks), patio time, I am sure something else that I cant remember, and my favorite center of all….the playhouse. The playhouse had a kitchen, one of those really fun vacuums that they have at restaurants that is like a vacuum and a broom cross, and baby dolls that lived in a baby bed. I loved vacuuming (that love has not carried over), cooking supper for “my husband” and taking care of “my babies”. From about the age of 6 through the age of 22 my goals went in the order of high school, college (UF), get married, have babies, I realize now that I should have included “get job, keep job” in that list of goals somewhere but my point is that even as a little girl I knew that being a wife and a momma were in the cards for me and I always have had dreams of what being an adult would be like. I realized a couple of Sundays ago that while I was busy working on other things adulthood snuck up and attacked me!

I have had several surreal moments in the past few months (years). Obviously… getting married…there were times in that first year when I would literally stop in my tracks and think “whoa you are married” thankfully this was always followed by “Yes!” In the past 6 months the surreal moments have been coming more quickly with learning that we are expecting our first child (whoa!), wanting (and failing) to build our first house…deciding to buy a house instead (more on that later)….and as funny as it seems the most surreal moment I have had so far was a couple of Sunday nights ago when I sat in on my first church business meeting. Now I have (with the exception of a couple of years when my mom was crazy and I had no choice) attended the same church literally since I was born and for the most part the men and women who were involved then are still involved now. So when I sat in the sanctuary listening to those men and women who I have literally looked up to my entire life discussing the business of the church I couldn’t help but wonder “how the heck did I get here?” It was so weird to be sitting there as an adult supposedly with an opinion that matters about the direction of the church.

The final moment of surreality(?) came this morning when I woke up and remembered that my little, tiny, baby sister is turning 15 today. 15 the age of learners permits and boy craziness. 15…9th grade…high school…ohhh my word! I can still remember her being born like it was yesterday! How did this happen? Where has the time gone? I dont feel any older but clearly I am otherwise she wouldnt be 15!

So weird…

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

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  1. I love this post, Paige. Mercy, I remember the exact moment I woke up out of my 20s fog and realized I am a sure enough adult!! Just wait until the minute they place your sweet baby boy on your chest...that is the sweetest, sweetest thing, but also a little eye-opening as you realize you are responsible for another person!!