Saturday, January 22, 2011

John Brooks 2 weeks old

John Brooks was 2 weeks old on Friday. Now you may not consider that a milestone but the fact that we made it through two weeks alive and unharmed is a milestone for us. So to mark this momentous occasion I am recording a list of stats so that some day we can look back and remember that he really was this small at one time.

John Brooks at 2 weeks old you weigh 6 lbs 11 oz – which is 5 oz more than you weighed at birth and you are 20 inches long which 1/4 inch longer than you were at birth. You eat about 3 oz at each feeding and eat about every 3 hours. You get very angry if you are not fed on schedule. So far through trial and grevious error mama has discovered that you do not like broccoli or citrus fruits. Other than when you are hungry you are so sweet and quiet and when awake you are alert and look around as if trying to figure out what surrounds you in this great big world. Some other things you like right now are:

- music IMG_4216

-your bouncy seat

- car rides

- stroller rides

- walks

-the rocking chair

You love music so much that mama and daddy have started tuning into CMT alot because country music coupled with dancing with mama seems to calm you down. You also loooovvvveee to move and always fall asleep in the car and when we take walks.

People say you look most like mama and your uncle Matt right now. You have had lots of visitors to see you and everyone thinks you are sooo cute and we all love you so much already! 

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