Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birth-Day Trip

Last Sunday was my Grandma Jean’s birthday. Grandma Jean is one of the greats. She is sweet and sassy, loves bright colors and fun times and has a wonderful sense of style. Since she is so special, getting the family together to celebrate her birthday is always an extra special occasion.

My grandma LOOOOVES  stone crab claws. Since, Charlie’s Fish House in Crystal River is the only restaurant around here with stone crab on the menu year round her friend Mr. Marvin, my Uncle Frank and my Aunt Diane decided to celebrate Grandma Jean’s birthday with a Sunday Seafood Spectacular. :) Ben, John Brooks and I decided to surprise Grandma Jean and meet them there.  The three of us drove down 19/98 past Inglis and the Redneck Games (we were tempted to stop because we knew it would provide a good laugh but mud boggs and mama’s white shorts don’t mix plus we had a party to get to) to Charlie’s which is right on the water. We arrived a little before everyone else so we walked out on the back patio of the restaurant which in near a boat ramp. John Brooks enjoyed watching the boats that were floating near the restaurant – I think we may have a water baby on our hands. We were seated and waiting when the others arrived – Grandma Jean was sooo surprised to see us there! We enjoyed a wonderful seafood lunch and good family time.

Since no birthday celebration is complete without a little something sweet, we all decided to take a little detour (detour for the Colson’s atleast) over to the Front Porch cafe in Dunnellon. The Front Porch is a little hole in the wall place near the Withlacoochee river that has exceptionally good pie….with merengue that is a good 5 to 6 inches high! Most everyone enjoyed a slice of lemon or chocolate merengue, but I being the rebel that I am chose Key Lime Pie because its my favorite. Turns out its John Brooks’ favorite too. I had him sitting on the table in front of me and I put a little Key Lime Pie on my finger and gave him a taste -  y’all he liked to suck my finger off! One taste just wasn’t enough either – John Brooks kept watching my fork go back and forth and he even started wimpering for more!

When it was finally time to say goodbye , we hugged the birthday girl and waved to everyone AND THEN we took a new way home! We drove up Highway 41 from Dunnellon to Williston. It was such a beautiful drive – we crossed the river, drove by a number of gorgeous horse farms and wound are way back home from what is sure to be a memorable day!

I hope to go to Rainbow Springs sometime soon. :)

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