Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun Times with Family

We had such a fun weekend!  At noon on Saturday the descendants of Claud Colson descended upon the Hart Springs Pavilion with covered dishes in hand and family memories in their minds and hearts. As one of the newest members of the clan I enjoy looking through all of the old photo albums and newspaper clippings that the family has compiled. John Brooks was the youngest Colson in attendance and was a big hit as usual. He got passed around from aunt to aunt to grandma to cousin and was delighted with each person he met.

Around 2:30 pm my nieces and I got a hankering for a swim. I don’t know about you but I think its a shame to be that close to water and not jump in – so I braved the judgment that I was sure would follow from me being seen in a bathing suit and jumped in the fuh-reezing water at the spring! We had such a good time splashing and swimming and playing around. The springs are so low that my nieces and I could stand in all but the very deep part where the boil is. Hayley and I even jumped off of the dock! I was sooo scared to try it but I decided that if a 10 year old girl could do it then I could to. Even though it was cold at first the water was pretty refreshing on such a hot, humid Florida day.

On Sunday, we went to church and then headed over to Chiefland to celebrate Pa Hardee’s birthday. Pa Hardee (or Ellison Hardee) is my stepmom Robin’s dad and a really nice person. We had a great time with the Hardee’s grilling out hamburgers, swimming in the pool and visiting at Will and Cindy's house. Mary Margaret even took John Brooks, Robin and me on a Ranger ride through the horse pasture. John Brooks was able to see his first real live horses and even the cutest little foal. Thank you Will, Cindy and MM for your hospitality!

After such a fun two days it was hard for us to get up and get back to the grind this morning, but the sooner we get started with Monday the sooner we will get to Friday and have another fun weekend!

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