Monday, August 1, 2011

Front Row Anxiety

Yesterday, my niece Hayley and her friend Haley asked me to sit with them at church. Haley with no middle y’s dad is the pastor at our church and her mom was away with the youth of our church at camp so I happily took the girls up on their offer and moved my stuff to their row.

I almost immediately regretted this decision.

Why you ask?

Several reasons – 1. Haley’s dad is the pastor therefore 2. they sit on the very first row in church and 3. that means every time he would glance over to check and see if his daughter was listening he would also be able to see if I was listening.

Now as a good Baptist girl I have been raised to believe that the back row is where the action takes place so you can imagine the anxiety I had over being on the front row. Seeing as how I am 28 years old and am married with a child one would think that I am an adult enough person to sit still for 30 minutes and listen to a sermon and most of the time I am – most of the time- but there is just something about being in the back that makes you think you can get away with whispering to your neighbor and something about being in the front that makes you think if you so much as scratch your nose you will be banished for all eternity.  The questions swirled in my mind – would I be judged for not sitting with my husband - would everyone be staring at me to see if I started drawing on my bulletin – what if I accidentally yawned (oh the horror!) and the preacher caught me. I was soo worried about being perceived as not paying attention that didn’t even take notes!

On the upside I can still remember what the sermon was about almost 24 hours later. :)

Pray for me people.

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