Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I did on Spring Break Part 2


After dinner we strolled back to the hotel and took a walk along the sidewalk by the ocean in an effort to calm down and relax before bedtime. I have found that the biggest downfall to travelling with a small child is that he goes to bed at 8:30…and I don’t. His early bedtime is a good thing at home where he sleeps in his own room and I always have things to do after he goes to sleep…not so much when we are all crammed in a hotel room and he is sleeping in a pack and play and there is literally NOWHERE for Ben and I to go while John Brooks goes through the flipping and flopping process that is his going to sleep. My son happens to believe that if he is in a room with someone else it means that it is time to play which adds another level of difficulty to the whole sleeping in the same room situation. Needless to say between the flipping and flopping and standing and sitting and crying and laughing and babbling and coughing and congestion…nobody got much sleep. It makes me long for the day when he is old enough not to fall out of a big person bed. At one point JB even got sick during the night (sorry if this grosses you out – I’m keepin it real) which meant I had to get up, change his clothes, change his sheet (which I didn’t have a spare of because who brings two pack and play sheets for a one night trip), and brush his 8 teeth so that he can resume the process mentioned above.

We got up early…

…and then came the REALLY fun part of the trip for mama! I finally had the opportunity to visit the Bailey Boys Outlet! I have heard tell of the glory that is the back room…and believe me it did not disappoint (except for Ben who was disappointed by the final total)…I could not get over the racks of clothes…and the organization! Holy moly I was in heaven! I even came home and reorganized my own closet by color….I never knew how that little change makes things SO MUCH EASIER!

My sweet husband gave me a gift certificate to The Cloister Collection ( a little boutique store on the island) for Christmas so after I stocked John Brooks up for a while – I even got to do a little shopping for my own! I found the most wonderful Lilly Pulitzer dress that I have been searching high and low to find – and BONUS it was on sale!! Normally, I would never spend this much on one dress but I decided it was a special occasion and would last a long time and it was the last dress they had in this pattern and it was exactly the right size and it just seemed to be calling my name. Smile

After our shopping was complete, it was time to head back home. Our trip was short but sweet and a much needed get-away for me!

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  1. Happy belated birthday. The hotel is gorgeous and it sounds like you had a good time (except for the baby being sick). That's typical of our trips...someone has to be sick at least one day that we're gone. So you know we're all dying to see the dress now!