Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The end of the world…a test run


I do not buy into the end of the Mayan calendar = the end of the world nonsense…I think the Mayans just couldn’t fathom past a certain point in time the same way that humans today can’t know what lies thousands of years in the future. Yesterday, however, I was checking Twitter for reports of Jesus’ return because for a few minutes I really thought the world was ending. Here’s a recap…

Yesterday I…got in a big fight with my sister, cried, found out a close friend has to have surgery, worried about my grandma, worried about Ben’s grandma, worried about my grandpa, couldn’t get my cell phone to dial out or accept calls, caught Ben’s grill on fire trying to grill chicken, came inside to bake potatoes and the electricity went off, rode with Ben to the bank and the ATM was down, discovered Ben’s phone wasn’t working either, rode to Chiefland to discover the ENTIRE TOWN was out of power….can you see why I was beginning to think that I was chicken little and the sky was really falling?

About the time I was thinking dooms day had arrived…the phones started working again…ahhh technology. I learned from Facebook that a substation somewhere (Bronson?) was messed up and caused the power in three counties to go out which is why we couldn’t cook potatoes, withdrawal cash from an ATM or buy pizza.

Early this morning as I was trying and failing to fall back asleep I started to become angry with God. I was angry because in my heart I know that if God wanted to change things or make them easier for me he could…and I am ashamed to say I got mad because I couldn’t understand why God is suddenly making all of these challenges pop up in my life. As I prayed and complained it dawned on me, these challenges that I am facing aren’t God not making my life easy, they are the devil trying to make me lose my faith in God’s plan. I was directing my anger in the wrong direction. Instead of being angry with God for not making my life easy, peasy, I need to be angry at the devil for testing my faith and I need to remember what the scriptures tell me that God is good ALL the time and God is with me ALL the time.

My faith will not be shaken by the devil or lack of electricity or even worse…no Facebook Winking smile


  1. Aw. What a rough time you're having. We all go through tough times, some more than others. I think it's awesome that you were honest about being mad at God. Honey, He knows when we're upset with Him, so we may as well tell Him about it. He also knows that we love Him even when we're upset. We're only human after all. Remember, this is not our home, we are just strangers passing through. It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes, but you're right, He's always there. HUGS from me to you!