Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday


Yes I know this is Saturday but I was tired on Thursday and couldn’t think of any random thoughts (ironic) and yesterday I was running around like a chicken with my newly highlighted hair cut off so here we are…Random Thoughts Thursday Saturday.

- We are leaving for the beach today!

- I am packing for the beach today

- I miss the days when someone packed for me

- it is sooo much easier to pack for John Brooks than for myself

- Debby Downer Moment:I am missing my mom like crazy today! The beach was her favorite thing and it breaks my heart that we will never get to experience it together again here on Earth (I am pretty sure heaven has a beach somewhere)

- John Brooks has started playing with trucks the right way (pushing them around, gathering them together)

- John Brooks was able to match the animals to the puzzle for the first time the other day!

- I was so inspired by the USA Womens Gymnastics team Gold Medal that I attempted a hand stand on Wednesday morning….I received no medal

- I have never been more emotional at watching an Olympics as I have this year. Why?

- I WILL attend an Olympics at some point in my life – it is officially on the bucket list – you’ve been warned Smile

- I have to finish packing now


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  1. There's beaches in heaven! White sugar sand, clear blue water, sparkling shells, and sunshine that doesn't give you cancer. We will all be together there someday! XXOO