Friday, March 27, 2015


John Brooks’ “Pregame outfit” (hah!)

With much excitement, more than a little trepidation, and possibly against my husband’s better judgment (I refuse to take responsibility here because I was in a post-partum, post-NICU, cluster-feeding, hormone induced fog when T-Ball signups occurred), we signed John Brooks up to play T-Ball this year. The T-Ball league is for children ages 4-6. Since John Brooks turned 4 in January he just barely makes the cut but he is so full of energy that we think getting him involved in team activities early will help him to learn to channel all of that energy into something other than running around our living room pretending the couch is a mountain.

T-Ball practice began in the middle of February. Practice has been….interesting. John Brooks is the youngest kid on the team. His abilities have improved from running around all over the place to actually standing in one position. I’m not sure that he understands what to do with the glove attached to his hand but its his first time playing and T-Ball is about skill development… right?


Last night was the FIRST T-Ball game! Our guy was so excited that he even agreed to “rest up” for his game after school (sly mom tactic there). I think he looks adorable in his uniform! The socks go up to his mid-thigh! He has never been much of a ball cap wear-er so it’s a good sign that he will at least put this one on for pictures.

Sadly (or not so much because we got to go to pick up dinner and still be home before 7:00 pm) the game was rained out. I was proud of the way John Brooks handled himself while we were waiting for the game to be called. He played nicely under the shelter and didn’t run out into the rain even one time. His next game is on Saturday! Play Ball!

Please ignore the baby and Dad in the background Winking smile

Do you have kids? Do they play sports? At what age did they start? What sport did you first play?

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