Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Egg Gathering



Last evening John Brooks and I left the men and babies at home and set out to find us some eggs. The church where we are members hosted its annual Easter Egg (Resurrection Egg?) Event last night and John Brooks and I were excited for some food, fellowship and good old fashioned competition organized sweet-natured fun.

We ate hotdogs and hamburgers for supper with a brownie for dessert. I admit the brownie was a risk. Too much sugar and my sweet, spirited boy becomes the living embodiment of the “Tasmanian Devil”. I am, however, a big softie so when he had eaten all of his hotdogs and some of his chips I couldn’t be the bad guy and say no to the brownie. 

Though there were some nail-biting moments and I may have found myself silently praying that my child wouldn’t whack the Children’s Minister with his “Resurrection Basket” I am happy to report that the evening went off without any injuries or permanent damage done. The Lord does answer prayers.

The children were split into groups by age. The age group that John Brooks was in heard the crucifixion story in a way that was completely safe and not scary. They also completed a craft that reminds us of the price Jesus paid for our sins (p.s. sin is a hard thing to explain to a preschooler).


There was quite a bit of sitting and waiting patiently before the egg-hunt chaos could begin. I was proud of John Brooks for not completely losing his mind with all of the waiting. At one point I thought he might explode with excitement but he was able to contain it as best he could.

Finally, the egg “gathering” began. Nobody was tackled. Everyone got eggs. The children’s leaders even gave out prizes to the children in each age group. One cool thing about a kid as wild as mine is that everyone seems to know his name. So when the Children’s Minister announced that “John Brooks” won a chocolate bunny our boy walked proudly to the front with a lot of cheers from the crowd. He may have tried to steal the megaphone from the Minister to give a speech but hey what’s an award without a speech?

All sarcasm aside, I am so thankful that we have found a church home where everyone loves families, loves children and loves Jesus. It is a wonderful feeling to know that there are many people helping our family to grow in our faith and helping our boys to become Jesus followers.

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