Saturday, April 11, 2015

John Brooks’ Week o’ School Fun


John Brooks’ Easter activities stretched into this week with an Easter party at school and a field trip to the zoo. Rob-Rob watched Bo on Monday so that I could attend the Easter party and help hide eggs. Yesterday, Ben’s Mom watched Bo so that I could go on the field trip with John Brooks. After the zoo and lunch, John Brooks and I went to Lowes and to the park. I am very thankful to have help with Bo when I need it so that I can spend one on one time with my first baby who is looking less and less like a baby every minute. True confession: I actually carried his 40 pound self through the zoo some yesterday because 1. I never get to hold him anymore because I am always holding Bo and 2. Did I mention he weighs 40 pounds? Pretty soon he will be to heavy for me to carry around. This impending doom makes me almost cry every time I think about it.


P.S. The note home from school said they would change the kids shirts to an orange shirt before arriving at the zoo which is why I dressed him like that….had I known about the lack of orange shirt I would have picked a cuter outfit. hashtag: momproblems

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