Friday, April 10, 2009

Amazing Love

2 Thoughts today....

1. How awesome is it that God loved us so much that he would send his son to die for us. Even though we are mean and hurtful and lie and steal and cheat and kill and have bad thoughts and have no faith and are scared to proclaim his greatness...he still loves us. That is so amazing to me. I do not deserve this love. I am so unworthy of it. I should be cast out and sent off from society and sent straight to hell, but because God loves me so much he sent Jesus and because Jesus loves his father so much he was willing to sacrifice himself or me. It is almost overwhelming when I think about it.

I actually don't think my second thought matters that much anymore because all that truly matters is what I wrote above. God loves you and me. He sent his only son to pay the price for the sins that you and I commit everyday and because of my (and hopefully your) belief in this love and faithfulness, we get to spend eternity in heaven with him. Wow!

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter.

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