Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a great weekend. So thankful for the nice weather. We (my husband, my father in law and I) finished planting our garden on Saturday. I am so excited and can't wait to see the plants sprouting and veggies growing! We had already planted a few rows of potatoes and a few tomato plants, so we have added some tomatoes, as well as green peppers, eggplant, crookneck and straight neck yellow squash, zucchini, 3 varieties of cucumbers, Mississippi Cream peas (thanks to Mr. man who traps the raccoons...I am so bad with names...Lemuel), wide/white acre peas, and beans. Now Ben and I are in charge of irrigation. I will have to take some pictures.

Sunday, we got up in time for sunrise service ( a big accomplishment for me)...which was such a great celebration of Jesus' resurrection. Lots of singing, and praise, followed by a good southern breakfast of bacon and eggs, grits and biscuits and gravy. Yum-O! We went to Ben's sister's for lunch and ate again. I roasted a chicken and made macaroni and cheese. The mac-and cheese was different because it was made with butternut squash along with low fat cheese and whole wheat noodles. It was super yum though! We also had turkey, squash casserole, asian slaw, deviled eggs, green beans, and strawberry lemonade cheesecake for desert.

We had to feed hay last night and we are going to be busy this week planting Millett (?) and the usual life stuff. Hopefully it rains this week.

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