Thursday, November 19, 2009

Catching Up

Holy cow do we have some catching up to do!

First of all I have been without internet for a week now and let me tell you it is as close to hell as I ever hope or plan to be. 

My adventures over the past week have been filled with frustration, sadness, yelling, curse words and crying, and that was just what I made the tech guys on the phone do...haha just kidding.

So, last Friday morning I woke up and sat down in my work chair to start another fabulous day of what it is that I do that I am no longer able to comment on without a disclaimer. When out of nowhere...well out of somewhere...its been coming for weeks USB modem broke, as in was no longer recognized by my computer, as in life as I knew it was over forever.

I remained calm, I phoned Verizon to explain my problem and the kind customer service woman informed me that I needed to go to a store and purchase a new card. No problem. I get in the car, drive the 45 minutes or so to the local mall and get their 30 minutes earlier than any of the stores open.

So the early bird 70 something exercise crowd, the nosy security guard and I wandered around the mall for a while and sipped on a chilled pumpkin spiced latte...until 10:01 am. Then I told the blue hairs goodbye and went to the Verizon kiosk where I was expecting Travis the superhero from a month ago when we purchased new phones would remember and be oh-so-happy to see me...turns out Trav is not a morning person. He reluctantly sold me a new USB card and after a short detour by the Sketchers store I headed home.

Upon my arrival I rushed in and plugged the USB card into my computer. It uploaded (Yes!), the drivers were installed (Alright!!) Verizon Access Manager popped up (Awesome!!) I clicked connect and waited with baited breath....and waited....and waited....and waited...and what to my wondering eyes did error screen....OH NO AN ERROR SCREEN...To Be Continued

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