Sunday, November 8, 2009

What I Need

This morning I was going to write a post about how busy we have been this past week...but I didn't have time...ironic right. Anyway we have been busy. I actually drove to Gainesville twice on Thursday! Work, school, Grandma Jean's surgery, church, football, etc. it all makes it hard to exercise! On top of my busy schedule a lingering family issue reared its ugly head agin this weekend adding stress and worry to my already busy schedule. I think that the hubby and I are pretty good at communicating calmly for the most part however this morning the stress of everything came crashing down over top of us on the way to church when Mr. Fabulous dared to comment about my driving. Poor guy never saw the flood gates open but before long he was neck deep in water from me giving him a tongue lashing. Needless to say we were not in the most holy of moods as we pulled up to the church. I actually dropped him off and then drove around the block to cool off enough to where I thought I could actually enter the sanctuary!

Like I said I was not in the most Godly of moods...and to my surprise (all though I should be used to this because God constantly speaks to me through music) all of the songs we sang today were reminders to me to not stress, to give my problems to the Lord, to allow whatever little trials I go through to be "well with my soul" and to remember to "Bless His Name" even in the darkest place. I love it when the Lord speaks to me through music. He knows that it is the quickest way to capture my brain and heart and feelings and put me in the correct frame of mind to worship him.

Even the sermon today really spoke to me. The preacher spoke about how to handle trials in our lives with Joy and seeking knowledge and thanking God for providing us with knowledge and strength, patience and perseverance.

I am so thankful to have a God who loves me and forgives me for my sin.

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