Sunday, November 1, 2009

Its Great to Be...

Mr. Fabulous and I had a great time this weekend! We drove up to Jacksonville on Friday afternoon and were able to stay in a oh-so-super condo for the weekend.

Friday evening Mr. Fabulous treated me to a wonderful belated-anniversary dinner at Ruth's Chris. Let me tell you the filet is to die for! Cuts like butter and tastes like heaven on a plate. I had to have the onion rings as a side. Biggest onions I have ever seen. I wish I had taken a picture! Onions the size of my head. So good. Mr. Fabulous enjoyed the bone-in ribeye and sauteed mushrooms...okay enough about the food...

After supper, Mr. Fab, two of our good friends and myself made our way to the water taxi and floated over to the Jacksonville Landing to hang out in the madness that is FL v. GA weekend. Not as crowded as in the past...we actually had a table to sit at (never had that happen before). It was so awesome to be able to sit and chat and catch up with my friends that I don't get to see that often! We stumbled (floated) back home around 1:30 am and took ourselve back to the ol' college days by ordering a Five Star Pizza! Yum-O! So much fun!

Saturday got even better because we tailgated with friends all day, ate great food, and then watched the #1 Florida Gators beat the dog out of the little Georgia Bull-puppies!

It was a great weekend! I love my husband for being a sport and putting up with F-I-V-E girls. I love being able to spend great time with some of my favorite girls and I LOVE watching Tebow beat a record and watching the Gators win again! I will post some pics in a few days.

Later Alligator

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