Friday, August 20, 2010

Boy or Girl?

August 19 finally arrived and with it came the news that we had been waiting for 19 weeks to hear…the gender of our baby. We had an 8:30 ultrasound appointment and it was the most fun thing being able to look up on a screen and see my baby right there. The baby is developing perfectly on schedule, measures where the baby should measure at this point and weighs about 10 oz. I had to remind myself a couple of times that the image on the screen was magnified because boy did that baby look big! I have heard a few sad tales of babies being so relaxed in there that the parents/ultrasound tech were unable to determine the gender but thanks to the tip of my dear friend Valerie (drink something sugary) baby Colson was alive and kicking…and moving arms…and waving….and before we even knew it the ultrasound tech (a very nice lady from Steinhatchee) was able to show us exactly what we were wanting to know…our baby is…a BOY! That’s right folks, John Brooks Colson will be heading our way sometime around January 12. I am so happy to know that my baby is developing well that I would’ve been thrilled boy or girl! Ben Colson has been so good and has never said once that he wanted one gender over another, but I know that deep down he wanted us to have atleast one boy to “carry on the Colson name” so I am over the moon that he is getting his boy first thing.

Ever since Thursday I cant stop smiling and clapping my hands I am so full of joy at the thought of what lies ahead for Ben and me. I am so excited to plan and decorate and organize and make our home a place that is safe and fun and full of love for John Brooks’ arrival. I feel the way that I imagine Birdie’s (Sandra Bullock) mom felt in Hope Floats when she tells Bernice that her cup runneth over.


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  1. AWESOME, Paige!!!!! I am sooooo excited for you and Ben! What a lucky baby John Brooks Colson will be. I can hardly wait to meet him :) Also loving the fact that your new baby and my new baby will be in the same grade at school. Just imagine the first day tears, fun field trips, proms and homecoming floats! Holy coly, what an adventure!