Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shopping online for a good cause…

So I am a member of the Junior League of Gainesville which I have come to love because it gives me the opportunity to be involved in the community and (hopefully) help others who are less fortunate than myself. There are also a good number of really impressive women to whom I look up and admire. I am serving as the Assistant Chair of the Thrift Shop committee this year and at our meeting I volunteered to compile a list of price points for some of the major brands that are donated to the store. We are compiling this list in order to have a better idea as to how to price things within the store.

I started working on the list tonight and here are my thoughts so far….

1. There are a lot of brands out there

2. I love clothes

3. I am poor

4. If a designer’s website does not display the prices then I know it is out of my league

5. It is like going through a flippin’ maze to get to a screen on the Abercrombie & Fitch site that actually gives you a price. I may actually ban my future children from wearing this brand simply because finding the price on the website today has been so ridiculously tough.

6. Other than that I am having soooooo much fun!

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