Friday, August 6, 2010


When Ben and I booked our condo in Tybee Island it was only available from Saturday at 4pm thru Thursday at 11am. We had the whole week off so we decided that since neither of us had ever been we would make the trek a little north to Charleston, SC, spend the day, and then drive back to Jacksonville and spend Thursday night at my dad’s condo there. Then, on Saturday as we were driving to Tybee Island, Ben surprised me by revealing that he had made hotel reservations in Charleston! This was music to my ears as I knew we would want to spend as much time as possible exploring the old southern city. The hotel we stayed in was called Charleston Place and oh my word was it beautiful! 128 My little history nut (BC) spent a couple of hours perusing the book shelves at the Charleston Historical Society which gave me time to stroll along Meeting Street and find our hotel. Ladies let me tell you I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever stay in a hotel with these stores in the lobby…140 141 I felt like a princess just strolling through the shops pretending like I actually belonged there (ha!). Aside from the gorgeous lobby 142  and fun shopping possibilities the room was gorgeous and made our stay in Charleston even better.  134 Thanks Ben for picking such an amazing place!

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  1. Huge pat on the back for Ben! Wow. Charleston Place looks amazing. Adam and I first went to Charleston on our honeymoon, and like you, I fell in love with all the old homes and great shopping. Like Ben, Adam wanted to look at all the historical books ;)