Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Eats

While in Tybee Island Ben and I had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of delicious meals. We love to eat so anywhere we go you know we are going to find the good food joints. :) Some of the highlights for me include the “spuds” from Spanky’s (the potato pancake-like side dish served along side my fried grouper sandwich), the the grits, fried shrimp and scallops at Uncle Bubbas (the batter was different from any I have ever had) and everything on my plate at The Lady and Sons (fried chicken, mac and cheese, creamed corn, collards, limas, pork loin…etc.).

My most favorite place that we ate was none other than The Crab Shack…


This place is awesome! Alligator pond…191 cool views…018, trees inside…210  and my favorite scene of all trash cans in the middle of the tables that you can throw your plates into! I think anyone who has ever had to clean the table off after a big meal would appreciate this awesomeness! The food’s not bad either. Ben and I split the Cap’n Crab Sampler which consisted of boiled/steamed shrimp, snow crab, stone crab claws, clams, and crawfish along with sausage, corn, and new potatoes. It was soooo good and I loved that it was boiled/steamed because I didnt feel bad about eating so much because it wasn’t fried!

The Crab Shack will definitely be on my list of places to return to in the near future. :)

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