Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rip-Roarin’ Good Time

This past week has been super hectic for me. Now, I like to stay busy and I don’t like to sit around too long but this week just seemed especially crazy and packed to the brim with activities. We are swamped at work right now which means mandatory overtime so I worked 10 hour days Tuesday-Thursday and then had things to do each evening that kept me from home until at least 9 pm each night. So, as of Friday morning I was done. I was sooo tired and mentally drained and just did not feel like I had any get up and go left in me. All I wanted to do was be out here at the farm with Ben and just relax. So we devised a plan.

After work I ran by Publix and picked up a few items needed to make a few of my favorite appetizer type foods and rushed home. After a brief interlude to look at the new calves that have been born in the last couple of weeks (sooo cute) Ben went to cutting lighter for the fire and I put the ingredients together for sausage cheese balls and pigs in a blanket. Ben set up our fire pit and got the flames going just in time for supper to be ready. Then we sat outside under the stars feeling the cool night air and the warmth of the fire and ate our supper and just talked and relaxed and listened to the animals. Now I know this probably doesn’t sound like a rip roarin’ good time to most of y’all but to me it was exactly what I needed to de-stress, relax, and forget about the craziness of the week.

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