Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Recap

For whatever reason I have been very bad about blogging the past week or two. So in an effort to catch you up on our lives (as if you care) here is a brief synopsis of the past week or so at our house.


- Monday, December 13th – ultrasound – John Brooks weighs approximately 5 lbs 7oz, has hair (though we don’t know what color), is  practicing his breathing and was a bit shy for the camera because he hid his face with his hand. The doctor says he should gain about 1/2 lb a week from this point on which makes mama happy especially given the whole gestational diabetes your baby could be the size of an elephant thing. :) On another note – my blood pressure was a little high so Dr. Million told me to check it if I feel bad and to call them if it gets above 140ish.

- Tuesday, December 14th – 36 weeks – Yippee!

- Thursday, December 16th – I felt terrible at work – badddddd headache, baaaaaaaadddd heartburn that would not go away no matter how many tums I popped in. I left work early, ran a couple of errands (because no matter how bad I feel I feel worse if my to do list doesnt get done) and then run by Publix to check my bp – 145/90 – eeeek….oh yeah and my blood sugar is low so I stop at Sonny’s to eat and call the doctor’s office to tell them about the bp. The nurse returns my call and asks that I come in and get checked at 1:45 pm. 4 hours later I am leaving the L&D floor with lower bp, a note that says I cant work anymore until after the baby arrives, and a very stern warning from my doctor that I am not to be doing alot over the next few weeks because she wants to keep John Brooks inside as long as possible. Side notes – she thinks JB will come early – I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced - my platelet count is a little low so the doctor wants me to go on Friday and have a CBC done to determine if it keeps dropping because that could be a sign of Pre-eclampsia. Needless to say I am a nervous wreck and for the first time in this entire pregnancy I am super worried about what is going to happen next. ---Ohhh and Ben put up the outside Christmas lights! I love my husband!

- Friday, December 17th – told the boss that I could no longer work – he was very understanding (yay) – went to LabCorp, had blood drawn – got a pedicure (because nothing lowers blood pressure like pretty toes) – came home and relaxed – received my lab results and my platelet count was the same so nothing to worry about there (yippee!!)

- Saturday, December 18 – Our furniture arrived!!!!!

- Monday, December 20 – Doctor’s appointment – well really a nurse’s visit to check the blood pressure – perfectly normal so it seems that not working is the right decision. :) Saw the 6 week old baby of one of my life long friends and his wife – gained some great knowledge from her about what to expect in labor and afterwards – soooo excited for JB to arrive soon. Had what I think may have been my first contraction but I am really not sure (Lord please don’t let me be one of those women who doesn’t know she is in labor and gives birth in a bathroom or something)

- Tuesday, December 21 – Ironed John Brooks’ outfits for the hospital and coming home (yes outfits as in plural because I am not sure when pictures will be taken and you can never be too prepared) and packed the bag – it is about 75% packed at this point. :)


  1. That is SOOOOO stinkin' exciting, Paige. I can hardly wait for y'all to welcome sweet John Brooks into the world. It will be THE BEST day of your life!! Take care and call if you need anything.

  2. I am dying over the thought of you not knowing you're in labor and giving birth in a bathroom! HILARIOUS. Believe me, you will KNOW! :)
    Take it easy these next couple of weeks and get plenty of rest! Easier said than done, I know, especially when you just moved!!! :)