Monday, January 31, 2011

Tummy Time

JB and I have been sporadically engaging in tummy time. By sporadic I mean whenever he isn’t screaming to be fed and he isn’t sleeping and he seems to be in a relatively congenial mood….so I think that we have engaged in tummy time about 4 times since we have been home. :) Anyway, this morning he was in a particularly good mood having a full tummy and enough patience to allow me to put away a load of laundry so I thought it might be a good opportunity for a little play time. He did the best he has ever done! At first I got on my tummy too and talked to him and then I moved above his head I alternated between singing, shaking a rattle and playing a musical toy he enjoys. While he isn’t able to lift his head all the way yet he was definitely trying to which to me is good progress. He also tries to get his legs up under him as if to propel himself into a more comfy position.

In other news – we went over to my in-laws aka Grandma and Grandaddy Colson’s on Saturday evening for supper. After supper Grandma was holding John Brooks and Ben was talking to him and when Ben walked away JB actually turned his head to follow Ben’s voice! That was a first!

I realize these are the kind of milestones that only his mama will get excited about but I wanted to share anyway because…his mama is excited. :)

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  1. We can't wait to meet JB! On anothe note, please tell Ben Happy Birthday for me! I know he's got the best present ever at home to play with every day! (JB)