Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben

Ben’s 31st birthday was last Saturday so in spite of my vow from the previous Wednesday to never leave my baby again, Ben and I had dinner reservations last Friday night so unfortunately we had to leave John Brooks with my dad and stepmom.

We dropped JB off at the McCracken house along with his bouncy seat, his diaper bag, a bottle and a couple of his favorite toys around 6 pm and Ben and I went to supper at MTs Chophouse to celebrate Ben’s birthday. Dinner was delicious! We ordered alligator tail for an appetizer and we both agreed that they were the largest, most tender pieces of alligator tail that either of us had ever had. For supper Ben ordered a ribeye steak with asparagus and grilled onion and I ordered a filet with mushrooms and spinach. Our meal was delicious and we were so stuffed that we didn’t even have room for a celebratory piece of pie. We capped off Ben’s birthday night out with a quick trip to Toys R Us (wild I know) to purchase the swing that has saved our lives. I am proud to report that we only called to check on JB once and upon our return we found him well fed and asleep and we got a great report of his behavior!

On Saturday, Ben’s actual birthday, his mom fried oysters and fish along with boiled shrimp, cheese grits and salad. It was an awesome meal topped off by a Hummingbird cake for dessert! The funniest thing was that as we were cleaning the kitchen we discovered the box of hushpuppy mix that we forgot to make – oh well – even without hushpuppies it was an excellent meal. Saturday was also the first time John Brooks had been around all of Ben’s family at once and he did pretty good for the most part but after supper when everyone gathered in the living room the noise level rose a bit too high for the little guy and mama had to keep him in the kitchen to keep him calm.

All in all, I think Ben had a great birthday weekend!

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