Thursday, May 19, 2011

Faith, hope and love

For about 6 months now I have been following this blog. It is written by a girl (woman really but that sounds so old) whose family has gone to the same church that I have for a very long time. She is pregnant with her third child, a baby girl named Faith. All pregnancies and babies are special but what makes this story extra special is that throughout this entire pregnancy this girl, SB, and her family have known that their baby has developed differently and most likely will not survive once she is born. Now after 9 months of prayer, planning and decision making, today is the day that Faith will be born. I am so nervous and anxious and scared and excited for them – I can’t imagine how the family feels right now.

For some time now I have thought about mentioning her blog on mine but wasn’t sure if it was my place. I have made the decision to share the link because this story is amazing and I think that everyone can benefit from reading what SB has to say. I think that everyone would agree that this is a horrible experience for any mother/family to have to go through. I personally can’t imagine how I would get through the same experience without having a breakdown. To carry and become attached to such a precious miracle and know all along that you may only get to know her for a short time would be utterly heartbreaking. However, their story is sooo much more than tragedy. It is a story of a family’s faith in God during what seems like a hopeless situation. I so admire SB for her courage to reveal her true feelings and tell her story. I admire her more for her strength and her unyielding faith that her Heavenly Father has a plan for her family, herself, and her baby girl.

Please if you get a chance take time to read SB’s blog. It will truly inspire you and remind you that God is with you NO MATTER the circumstances. Also, please pray for SB, her husband, their two older children, and their extended family as they go through what I am sure will be a tough road ahead.

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