Wednesday, May 18, 2011

John Brooks – 4 months old

We went to the doctor on Monday for John Brooks’ 4 month checkup. I could hardly believe how much he has changed in 4 short months. His favorite activities are rolling over, sucking on his toes, trying to catch the birds on his activity gym and the fish on his bouncy seat and today he actually rolled a ball back while on his tummy. He is trying to figure out how to scoot and is working really hard to learn how to get his knees underneath him.

As far as his stats he is still long and skinny. Weight – 11lbs 4 oz Height – 25 1/4”

I must produce skim milk because I feed him for 45 minutes every 3 hours and he has only gained 2 lbs in 2 months – he has grown almost 3” in length though so maybe that is where the milk has gone. I am happy to report that he still sleeps through the night (yay!) and I knock on wood everytime I make that statement.

In any case, Dr. Judy gave us the go ahead to start solids so hopefully the added calories will boost his weight up. He tried rice cereal today. :) Here are a few pics from the past few weeks. 005 012 (2) 014 sweet baby sucks his thumb in the mornings.

015 all ready for church.034 I love bath time!049 ready for breakfast051 mmm cereal 054 055 Playtime yay!

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  1. Has it really been 4 months!? He is cute as a bug, Paige.