Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cold, Cold, Cold

Last Friday, John Brooks stayed with Grandma and I took two of my nieces and one of my nephews to the springs. We started out toward Hart Springs only to find gray skies and lightning waiting for us – while its hard to be sad about a rain storm these days – the four of us were on a mission to swim and we would not be denied! So…I scanned the skies for a patch of blue and we chased it…to High Springs and Blue Springs.

Though a little expensive for this auntie, the kids got in for a good price and we had a great time! The spring (in case you haven’t been) is surrounded by trees which keeps the area nice and shady. There is a BIG dock that we were all too chicken to jump off of and there was also a smaller dock a little ways away from the beach that you could jump off of and swim walk back up from. The beach area was perfect for us because we didn’t want to just jump right in to that cold water – wading is more my style and the little guy could play in the sand and splash up to his knees without fear of falling under.

I was so proud of my oldest niece – she was brave enough to jump off the small dock I mentioned above and she even found some friends from school to play with!June iphone pics 017 I was also proud of my other niece and nephew because they braved the chilly water to play and splash and we had such a good time. I definitely think we will have to make another spring run sometime this summer! June iphone pics 019

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