Saturday, March 17, 2012

What I Did on Spring Break…Part 1

St Simons Island 002


The week of my birthday I was also out of school because of spring break! I know – spring break AND my birthday all in THE SAME WEEK – I am a lucky gal for sure! For a few months  weeks now I have been trying to think of a good time to go up and check out the Bailey Boys outlet – and the Wednesday before spring break it dawned on me that this would be the PERFECT week to go…nothing like planning ahead I know. Lucky for me they invented the internet and

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I found a really good rate at a very nice hotel called the King and Prince Beach Resort. Ben decided that GCFB could live without him for a day and a half so ON Wednesday, March 7 we loaded John Brooks and enough stuff to last us a week into the car and headed up the road. After a pit stop in Jacksonville at Once Upon A Child and Charming Charlie (holy moly – this place is AH-mazing – accessory overload!) we arrived at our hotel around 5 pm.  Y’all the hotel was beautiful! It’s a historic hotel that sits right on the beach and I could just imagine ladies in their big dresses and parasols gliding up and down the upstairs balcony (kind of like the scenes from Titanic where Kate Winslet and the other ladies walk around the boat). John Brooks and I took a walk around the property while Ben took a rest and we discovered the nicest area with a sidewalk and porch swings set up every few feet. John Brooks and I swung a while and walked a while and then got ready for supper. It was the sweetest thing watching JB swing and “hum” a tune.

Around 6:15 we loaded John Brooks in St Simons Island 006St Simons Island 009the stroller and walked – that’s right walked (I love food within walking distance!) to a lovely restaurant called Crabdaddy’s Seafood Grill. St Simons Island 018When we arrived at the hostess station we learned that there would be a 20 minute wait…at this point it was 6:30 pm…John Brooks usually eats supper at 6:30 pm…that meant that it would be atleast 6:50 before we sat down…and heaven knows how long before we ACTUALLY received the grilled cheese…oh no what if he freaks out…where are his snacks…how much do I need to ration them…you get the idea…this mama was having an internal breakdown. St Simons Island 025However, John Brooks shocked the world – or at the very least his parents – by being a well-behaved 14 month old boy throughout the whole dinner! He even colored for the first time in his whole life – in between trying to find out what each of the colors tasted like of course. Smile Seriously, Crabdaddy’s was delicious! I highly recommend the Shrimp and Grits…shrimpy, creamy, cajun-y goodness in a bowl!

By 9:00 pm we found ourselves tucked in for the night…or so we thought…To Be Continued

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