Thursday, April 19, 2012

John Brooks 15 months


farm boyJohn Brooks had his 15 month check up today. This gives me the perfect excuse to post a little update on what our fast growing boy has been up to lately. It honestly seems like he changes a little bit everyday! So here we go…046

The Stats: At 15 months John Brooks weighs in at 21 pounds 6 ounces and is 31 inches long. He grew 6 inches in 3 months…I was super excited about this news!048050

Doesn’t it look like he’s holding that pipe behind him…he’s not but I thought it was pretty cool.

Food: John Brooks loves just about everything we give him to eat! His does not like tomatoes and he is starting to become a little more picky about green vegetables but the boy LOVES all fruit, ANYTHING bread, and just about any protein he tries! He has tried Salmon, Grouper, Shrimp, and he loooooves beef! We have discovered that he has a little milk allergy (he still eats cheese and yogurt but milk was making him congested…) so we have switched him to Almond Milk for the time being and he drinks it like its going out of style!

Birthday cake

I think I posted this pic on his birthday post but I couldn’t resist posting it again!


Sleep: John Brooks still takes two naps a day – an hour in the morning and about two hours in the afternoon if it’s a good day. He goes to bed around 8 or 8:30 and wakes up around 7 or 7:30 am. He loves the music box in his crib and he always wakes up in the morning as happy as a clam!034

Bathtime: John Brooks still LOOOOOVES the bath! Actually, he loves anything related to water…he even stood under my hanging plants when I watered them the other day…silly boy Smile087040053

Playtime: Speaking of playing outside….John Brooks is obsessed with outside! Every morning and afternoon it’s the same ritual…point to the door and grunt (the universal sign for I want to go there). He loves walking and running through the grass, shooting his basketball, riding his truck, tricycle and wagon! By far, John Brooks’ most favorite thing to do is go to the farm and see the cows. He can say moooo and he can say bull (the Pediatrician definitely gave me a weird look when I told her bull was one of his new words…)056

John Brooks definitely becomes more fun everyday! He is learning to play games and loves to read books and “sing” songs and enjoys being around people and loves other kids! He’s definitely giving us a run for our money…already has a stubborn streak and a little mischievous side…we are having to learn about discipline a tad earlier than I had anticipated but all in all Ben and I are both having so much fun watching him grow and change! I feel so blessed to be his mom and I look forward to each day we get to spend together.

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