Monday, July 16, 2012

John Brooks 18 months


July 11 2012 012

Dear John Brooks,

   You are now 18 months old…well you were on July 7 but mama has been busy. You weigh 23 pounds and 10 ounces and you are 32 inches tall. You are measuring in the 25th percentile for both your weight and height and Dr. Judy says that you are very strong for your age.

    You are a little bundle of energy! You wake up around 7:30 am and RUN the entire day! You are now taking only one nap a day, usually around 1:30 pm and you generally sleep about 2 and 1/2 hours. Then you RUN until bedtime around 8:30 pm. You are such a good sleeper with the exception of when you are getting a new tooth.

    Speaking of teeth you have SO MANY! You love to help mama brush your teeth after your bath each night and say cheese into the mirror to show off your pearly whites. You still love bath time and will sometimes stick your head under the faucet! You also love to eat and enjoy many types of food. Your favorite foods are pancakes, fruit, hotdogs, chicken, hamburger and bread. You still drink 1-2 glasses of almond milk a day and you love to drink ice water….and you even like to eat ice cubes! You can say “hotgog” (hotdog), and “baf” (bath) and occasionally you will say “wawa” (water). We are working on learning to say the words “mo” (more) and please instead of yelling at the table.

    You LOVE people and are extremely social and friendly when you get to know people. You always wave and say “hewwo" (hello) or “hey baby” and you can give high fives and wave and say “bah bah” (bye bye). You are very affectionate and give the best hugs ever! You just squeeze our necks and put your cheek next to ours….so sweet! Your favorite activities include swimming, playing outside, climbing (on everything), checking the cows, “driving”, and checking the horses. You can point in the direction of the farm from our house and you know the road that we take to go to Pop Pop and Rob Robs house. You love to rough house and wrestle but your little heart breaks when you think you have really hurt someone (lip out, eyes drooped, sobbing). You also LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and will request it 2-3 times a day…you point at the television and say “Mick, Mick” and “Oh tooooodles”.

    You are a sweet, inquisitive, energetic, playful, friendly, stubborn, fun-loving boy. We love watching your personality develop and look forward to the the adventures that are sure to be in our future!

We love you very much!     - Love Mama and Daddy

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  1. He's such a handsome boy! 18 months is a fun age, very trying, but fun nonetheless!