Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday


Most of my thoughts are random so I may make this a weekly thing but I am not sure that I can handle that level of commitment….we’ll see

- I had to order a textbook from Amazon….I miss the days when textbooks were handed to me at the beginning of school and I returned them at the end

- the textbook came yesterday…its still in the box this morning

- This is the first year in my entire life of going to school that I am NOT excited about the beginning of the school year….thanks nursing school

- I am starting to get a little excited about autumn….decorations, halloween costumes, football, tailgating Smile

- we are going to visit a friend this weekend – we are terrified that our rambunctious 18 month old boy is going to wreck their house – pray for us

- I am really excited about the beach in a couple of weeks, EXCEPT that going to the beach means its August and school is right around the corner…please see earlier thought

- I wish that thinking about exercise was the equivalent of ACTUALLY exercising…I wish this often

- I should’ve been feeding John Brooks vegetables a lot earlier in life

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