Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Deal Day


Today is Primary Voting Day in Florida and since 98% of the people in my county are running for something (or so the signs make it seem) its kind of a big deal around here. photo

Today is also house cleaning day….as in Mrs. Anna is coming to clean my house. After witnessing my less than stellar housecleaning skills when we lived at the farm house my husband felt it would be easier to just hire someone to clean the home we live in now….I didn’t complain…even though I am a little ashamed of it because I’m in a homemaker’s club and I don’t even clean my own home….Anyway, house cleaning day is another big deal around here.

So…my future voter and I went on a little drive to find some adventure. This is where we ended up…

August 2012 083

August 2012 081

August 2012 089August 2012 084

Once we had our fill of the Waccassassa boat ramp we headed back to town and wound up here…Suwannee Rose

and we shared this…coke float

along with a grilled cheese and fruit for the boy and a delicious BLT on toasted marble rye for me (so good).

John Brooks’ lunch was served on the prettiest plate. pretty red plate

It reminds me of some dishes that my great grandmother had displayed in her living room when I was a little girl.

We certainly had a fun morning! I start back to school next Wednesday and I know I am going to miss these fun-filled lazy summer days that I have had with my boy. Its definitely been one of the most fun summers I’ve ever had!

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