Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In the name of cuteness


I’ve been attempting to create a reason why I need to drive to St. Simons Island, Georgia since June. Unfortunately no matter how hard I contrived fought tried I could not convince Ben myself that it was a super awesome plan to drive four hours one way to visit one store….shocking I know.

You see as irrational and impractical as it may seem to the world around me I really LOVE to buy smocked outfits for John Brooks to wear to decent occasions and to church. I just adore the look of a boy in John-Johns or a bubble suit with cute patterns on the front. To me it is classic and adorable and traditional and I just love it so please allow me to have this one indulgence in my life. (Justification much).

Anyway, I’ve been trying and failing to come up with a good reason to drive up and visit this store

August 2012 096

One Saturday (I think…it may have been Friday) I was folding laundry and lamenting the fact that my sweet boy was not going to have a cute game day outfit to wear like the one from last year (see below) when all of an idea lit up like a firework in my head….my sweet friend Carrie, who happens to share my love of adorably traditional children’s clothes was headed in the general direction of the store.

Muschamp Stare

So…I did something incredibly rude and presumptuous and sent a small little text message to Carrie that said if she happened to be in the store and she happened to see something cute and Gator-ish that maybe possibly could she pick one up in an 18 month size…..I know I know as I type the words I am so embarrassed that I would actually have the audacity to interrupt my friend’s vacation with such a ridiculous request but hey…desperate times.

Funny thing is she happened to be on her way to the store as I was texting her (great minds Winking smile)….and what’s more she was kind enough to do a little personal shopping for me. August 2012 093

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful friend! John Brooks will be game day ready after all! Smile

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