Monday, August 27, 2012

Rookie Reaction


We had several visitors over the past couple of months. In preparation for their arrival I went digging through the bathroom cabinets in the hall bathroom that we use for John Brooks’ bath time and for guests who come to stay. My rummaging for guest soap that wasn’t made by Johnson and Johnson turned up a bag of size 1 Luvs diapers, and 3-4 baby blankets that I had forgotten about.

Why were these random items lurking in our guest bathroom? Well let me tell you…A couple of months after John Brooks was born (like March of 2011) I was awakened from my I’ve-been-up-every-3-hours-feeding-this-kid slumber by thunder and lightning outside my window. Because I was a nervous-wreck responsible mother I decided to turn on the tv to make certain the weather wasn’t too bad. Mike Potter informed me that we were in fact under a tornado watch and for lack of a better word I panicked. “What if there’s a tornado?” “What if the tornado comes so fast that I cant get down the hall to the baby’s room?” “Where are we going to go if there is a tornado?” “What if the tornado hits and we are stuck in the bathroom for hours or even days?” “How am I going to hold on to my little baby and the bathroom faucet if the tornado hits our house?” “You know they always show the stories of the baby that was wrenched from his mother’s arms by an F5 and landed in a corn field 5 miles away.”  These were the thoughts going through my overly anxious and exhausted mind.

So in my panicked state I woke up my sleeping newborn (mistake numero uno), brought him to my room, then created an emergency supply cabinet containing, bottled water, a full bag of diapers, 4 blankets, a couple of changes of clothes, wipes, and nursing supplies because apparently the tornado was going to trap us in our bathroom for multiple days. Obsess much?

Daylight dawned, the storm passed, the baby grew and low and behold  15 months later my emergency supply cabinet is still stocked and ready to go in the event of a disaster in need of size 1 diapers. Smile


  1. I love it, Paige :) You are SOOOOO ready for hurricane season, my friend.

    By the time baby #2 comes around, you'll go to bed with a hurricane/tornado/earthquake warning active and think, huh, I'll just sleep through it!

  2. That is so funny and so true! Only us other "crazed" mothers would understand this. My husband swears that I have taught our daughter to be terrified of tornadoes. I say I've taught her to have a good honest fear and respect for them.