Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Beauty of Modern Technology


I am working (painfully slow but still) on getting my fall decorations up. Its not like I have a whole cavern of pumpkins or anything we just currently have a storage room catastrophe of epic proportions on our hands and we need to clean it up before I can reach the pumpkin centerpiece in the back…

Once everything is out I am going to take pictures and post them here for the world family to see but until then I wanted to enlighten you to the revelation that I discovered by COMPLETE ACCIDENT on Wednesday…candy corn

That’s right folks…resealable bags of candy corn!!! My fall is made!

I LOVE candy corn and always buy a bag at the beginning of August or whenever they set them out (seems earlier every year) and (try to) make it last til Thanksgiving. The only problem is until this year the bags I bought couldn’t be resealed and enevitably would stale before they were finished.

Not anymore! Not only was I able to purchase the largest bag of candy corn known to man (my heart thanks you Sams, my abdominal muscles do not) but it is RESEALABLE! No stale corn this year!

It truly is the little things in life that make me happy! Smile

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