Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday



I haven’t had time to do this in a while but today I have actual random thoughts as opposed to school and family focused thoughts related to schedules and meal times and studying and such.

The author of one of the blogs I follow is turning 30 today which automatically makes me think about the fact that I am turning 30 in less than 4 months which makes me feel like this

scream face

I’m on the back stretch of this semester (YAY!) which means in about 6 months I will graduate from nursing school which means that I will actually have to take my boards and get a job…see above picture

The election is over…why are there still posts about it on my Facebook wall.

For that matter is there a way that I can manipulate my Facebook wall so that all I see is stuff about people that I actually know and not ads for stuff I might “like”….no matter how many times I see a Samsung that people like I am NOT going to buy it!

I have the BEST mother in law in the world – hands down – the GREATEST! I’d be willing to enter a competition to prove my point.

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  1. LOVE the fact that you posted the "scream" piece to show how you were feeling. Too funny. I don't Facebook, therefore I don't have to be bombarded with continual political chatter. I am however glad to see political signs in our county are coming down quickly. And YES, you do have an awesome MIL, I agree. Sweet sweet lady.