Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Card Pictures


Who knew that obtaining a photograph to place on a card to wish a Merry Christmas to family and friends could be such a lengthy process. My sisters-in-law and I took the children to have a group photo taken as a Christmas present to their grandparents. My original idea was to have the photographer snap a couple photos of John Brooks alone and use one for our family’s card. What is that saying about the best laid plans…

Every child that we joined from age 15 to age 3 was a joy and a delight standing still, smiling on cue, the perfect statues that you envision when imagining a classic family photo. John Brooks ran circles around them, looked up, looked down, laid down, crawled around, and performed every acrobatic trick he could think of to not stand still and take a picture. This mother was mortified. By the end of the 30 minute session I was sweating and just praying that he looked presentable in just one (please one) of the group shots. Strike 1

The photographer (Lisa) and I decided that perhaps we would be able to capture the perfect shot if John Brooks was allowed to be more in his natural habitat….aka outside. On a beautiful, cool, bright Friday morning I met Lisa with John Brooks dressed in his Christmasy best red sweater vest and khaki’s at the duck pond beside North Florida Regional Medical Center. What a delightful spot and beautiful backdrop I thought to myself…until my boy decided to try and chase the ducks into the pond….thankfully I caught him before our card became a water shot and we decided to walk along the white picket fence which was nicely decorated with big colored Christmas lights….that my child apparently thought were candy because he attempted to eat at least 10 of them…(what is wrong with this kid)? Lisa ever so kindly suggested that maybe we’d do better if we took him to the playground. Strike 2

So that is what we did. We loaded the Tazmanian Devil back into his car seat and jotted over to Kanapaha park. Poor Lisa had to assume some quite precarious positions and her poor camera shutter had to work triple time to catch our boy flying by on his way to the slide or climbing up the jungle gym, or swinging on the “big boy” swing. I’m sure the other mothers with their children dressed in appropriate play attire thought I was nuts bringing what appeared to be a toddler dressed for church to a play space but desperate times mamas desperate times. Thankfully, the third time was the charm in this case. Lisa (who I believe is some kind of baby whisperer) managed to take a few awesome shots of John Brooks. Here are my three favorites. We used the third picture for our Christmas card. Next year maybe I will just use a candid shot Winking smile

Christmas 1Christmas 2Christmas 3

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