Thursday, January 31, 2013

John Brooks turns 2

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My baby is rapidly becoming a full-fledged boy. John Brooks’ celebrated his 2nd Birthday on Monday, January 7. We invited our families over for a laid back celebration on January 5. Poor Ben had the flu for the party but hung in like the trooper that he t is while we sang Happy Birthday and celebrated our little munchkin’s life thus far. In one year he has gone from baby to boy. He walks runs, talks, climbs, jumps, slides, and has his own ideas for how he would like to spend his time. Here are some statistical highlights for memory’s sake.

Height: 35 1/4 inches (whoop whoop 75th percentile – first time above 50!)

Weight: 26 lbs 8 ounces

Food Preferences: meat (any and all kinds), fruit, waffles and pancakes, eggs, anything fried (like his parents), almond milk, juice and water and of course “Cookies” – He even knows where the box is located in the pantry and will help himself if we aren’t looking.

Sleep Habits: John Brooks is a very good night time sleeper. He goes to bed around 8:30 pm and will usually get up around 7:30 am. He has not been the best napper of late but we still put him in his crib to “rest” from 2-4 in the afternoon.

Playtime: John Brooks is VERY active. Just ask his Sunday School teachers if you don’t believe me. He is always running or jumping or climbing or trying to wrestle with someone or something…until “Mick Mick” comes on. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Toy Story (“Woody, Buzz”) are about the only forms of entertainment that will get this kid to calm down. He does enjoy reading, will bring us books and say “thank you” before we read them and can help with the words in some of his books (Brown Bear Brown Bear especially). He loves to go to church on Sundays and starts saying “Aba Aba” (Bible) when we go over the railroad tracks in Alachua. He has trouble understanding that not every baby/child in the nursery wants to wrestle with him and this has been the subject of several conversations between the nursery workers and his embarrassed mama. We are hoping to start him in preschool in the fall as a way to further develop his social skills. SmileJohn Brooks still loves anything related to water and animals! He loves bath time, likes to “help” water the plants and loves helping Granddaddy check the cows and Rob Rob feed her “howses” (horses). He also adores his slide and swing! He is extremely affectionate, enjoying hugs and kisses and touching his cheek to ours. At bedtime he wants us all to “group hug”.

Language: John Brooks is starting to talk more and more each day. It is amazing and scary to hear the words he can say now!

Each day is a new adventure as he tests his boundaries and learns his limits. I pray that Ben and I will be good guides and role models for him and that we will parent him in a way that is loving and responsible. Here’s to many more birthdays to come!

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  1. I CANNOT BELIEVE JOHN BROOKS IS 2?!?!?! When did that happen, Paige? Wow. He is so handsome and I love that he's all boy, climbing and wrestling, but also loves going to church. Such sweetness. Preschool will be a new adventure for sure. Last week I picked AC up from preschool and on the ride home I overheard her asking one of her imaginary friends if she had seen what her other imaginary friend posted on Facebook. Good times for sure.