Monday, May 20, 2013



photo 1

Meet Horsey.

Horsey came to us by way of Ben who procured him from “Mrs. Langford” whose grandchildren had outgrown this wonderful little creature whose tail wags and mouth moves if you push his ears.

photo 2

Horsey (creative right) spent the first six months of his time in our family at Grandma and Grandaddy Colson’s house because John Brooks was literally too afraid to be in the same room as him. That’s right…my fearless child who will jump off of couches and ride real horses bareback is afraid of a battery operated rocking horse…go figure.

photo 3

John Brooks has become friendly enough with Horsey to name him Horsey and to allow him into our home where Mama and Daddy changed his batteries and discovered that along with tail waggin’ and mouth movin’ Horsey also sings a song when you push his ears. A very catchy song, a song that John Brooks has now memorized because he’s heard it so much. How has he heard this song so much when he is afraid to actually push the horse’s ears himself you ask….because he has successfully conned his mama and daddy into pushing that horse’s ear about a million times. photo 4

Lucky for us he’s graduated to leading Horsey around by his handles…maybe by the time he’s 5 he’ll actually want to ride the thing.

“Saddle up Lil Cowboy”

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