Sunday, May 19, 2013

Washing Dishes the Modern Way


I never think that I am that anal  particular about things until I begin to instruct explain to someone (Ben) the “best” way to load a dishwasher. That’s right folks we done got ourselves a fancy auto-matic washer of dishes!

photo 2Y’all I really dread all large appliance purchases because in reality I just want the convenience item to work so I don’t have to, to last a bazillion years and to not cost an arm and a leg. Everything these days has so many bells and whistles and special gadgets…its overwhelming! I just want it to work!


photo 4

I am very pleased with our purchase so far! We are able to put the 24 oz Tervis Tumblers in the back of the upper rack instead of the front and we are able to fit more pots and pans in the bottom rack because the utensil holder is miraculously attached to the door. This little beauty of course has a lot of strange buttons that I am afraid to push but I can confidently proclaim that the normal and heavy cycles work well and the sani-rinse makes me feel better about my son’s sippy-cup addiction.


photo 3

Yay for Modern Appliances!

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