Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Word on the Street


John Brooks’ verbal abilities have EXPLODED over the past couple weeks. I definitely have to interpret about 60% of what he says for others to understand but he is actually using sentences now…what?!?

Case in point this morning at the breakfast table I asked if he was still hungry and he said “apple sauce” (since when is he requesting food choices?) We were out (bad Mama) so I asked him if he wanted something else and he said “stawbeeeeies” (strawberries) because he hadn’t quite finished the pint I purchased YESTERDAY (homeboy loves a berry)! So I gave him some more strawberries and his milk and he said “Thank you Mama”. These sweet moments take me from one throwdown of wills to the next!

Some of John Brooks’ other favorite phrases of the moment are:

“Hi Baby, how you today” – when he sees himself in the mirror

“Come on, (insert person’s name here)” – when he needs to to help him with something

“Help” – see above

“I down”

“I carry you” – when he wants you to hold him (melts my heart)

“I gotch you” – when he catches someone in “tag”

“Nummy Num” – when he eats something good

…and the other evening he actually said (and I’m telling on myself a little now) “Mama, phone down” (oops).

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  1. I love this, especially "Hi Baby, how you today". What a sweetheart!