Thursday, September 19, 2013

Positive Thoughts


I feel like a lot of times I complain about my little wild child but along with the crazy there is just enough sweet for him to win (most) people over. He gives the best hugs. He always says hello to the elderly people in the grocery store as well as the children, and he has started praying for his family and friends each night before bed (melts my heart like butter). John Brooks is also starting to be more imaginative in his play time. I thought I’d share a couple of examples.

1. On the days that I work, I leave the house before John Brooks wakes up. I worked late on Monday and didn’t arrive home until after Ben had put John Brooks to bed. John Brooks was still talking to his Mickey and Goofy so I went in to say Hello/Good Night so  that he wouldn’t think that his mother had abandoned him.

We have this little bit we do where he likes to pretend he is a sheep (weird I know but cute because he is mine). He tells me goodbye and then goes behind the chair in his room. When he comes out – on all fours - he says “Baaa, Baaa”. I of course make a big deal about “The sheep in John Brooks’ bedroom” and “Oh my word I wish John Brooks was here to see this sheep in his room”. Well the other night when I said this he leaned back, gave me the funniest look (like hey crazy its me) and said “Mama, its me, its John Brooks” - like hello woman don’t you know I’m your kid not a sheep. I liketa died laughing.

2. This morning at breakfast he brought Goofy and Mickey to the table, sat them in individual chairs and proclaimed that “Goofy and Mickey want bacon and wassles (waffles) fo bekfast”. I asked him what John Brooks wanted for breakfast to which he replied “bacon and eggs”. So apparently Mickey and Goofy have different breakfast choices now…

These are the events that keep me from running away when he breaks into A MILLION PIECES a glass jar in the Publix deli that somehow gets on our groceries that then cuts the cashier’s hand when she’s ringing them up…..that picture you see of the toddler with the NO sign over his face at the Jonesville Publix…he’s mine Smile

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