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September 2013 015There was a calf born on the farm on Sunday. It was a little more of a surprise than usual due to the fact that we weren’t expecting any calves to be born until October. She’s veeeerrrry tiny so she was probably born a little too early but we are doing what we can to help “Wucky” (Lucky) get her feet on the ground so to speak by feeding her some colostrum in addition to what she is already receiving from her pretty Mama.

September 2013 009


John Brooks got to help feed Wucky yesterday and the questions have yet to stop….questions like “where is that baby calf” (every 10 minutes or so)  or “what Wucky doin now” (every 20 minutes or so) to “We go feed that baby calf” to “Does that baby calf read books” (my personal favorite). He even told his teacher at school today about “that baby calf”.

September 2013 017

In other news – don’t tell Ben I put this picture up of him in his “ranch attire” Winking smile

John Brooks didn’t know what to make of the calf at first but he slowly warmed up to her. He most certainly DID NOT enjoy it when Wucky’s mama was bellering for her baby but we explained that the Mama cow was calling her baby the way that I call for John Brooks when he’s in another room….

September 2013 006September 2013 013September 2013 012

We are headed back again today to feed Lucky. Like I said she is very tiny so we are hoping she lives up to her name….

September 2013 020

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