Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Precious Moments


When John Brooks was a wee little tiny baby – like 2-3 months old 025007

he would sometimes (felt like all the time) get tummy aches. It would help his tummy feel better if I moved his legs in a bicycle motion. To pass the time while we cycled I would sing this old song that probably nobody’s heard of called “Daisy, Daisy” which talks about how the couple’s going to ride off into the sunset on a bicycle built for two because they can’t afford a carriage…..there are not a lot of good bicycle songs out there folks….this is the one I knew.

Anyway….I sang it often during those first few months and it became a fave of my little munchkin – so much a fave that even once he got to be this big…069and this big…Christmas 1when I started to sing “Daisy Daisy” he would stop in his tracks and listen (maybe I should use this trick more often).

So…last night…we were reading our bedtime stories and saying our prayers and I was just about to get up and leave his room when he requested “Daisy, Daisy” – this was the first time he ever actually asked me to sing it so I obliged on the condition that he lay his head down on his pillow. Well, I got through the first couple of words and he sits up, puts his arms around my neck, his head on my shoulder and pats my back with his sweet little hand as I was singing.


My heart melted in a puddle on the floor of course. It was one of the sweetest most precious moments I’ve ever had. If nothing else I know that this boy Loves his Mama and I am so very grateful to be that Mama. 

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