Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch


We’ve been Pumpkin Pickin’ today among other things. It was actually bordering on cool around 12:30 today (high 60s-low 70s) thanks to the lack of sun and low gray clouds which made it a fun time to be at a Pumpkin Patch. I sometimes feel bad for the pumpkins that have to come to Florida. How sad it must be to have to bake in that hot sun day after day while your pumpkin brethren in parts with more appropriate weather for fall activities get to live it up.

….these are the thoughts in my head people….2013-10-15 12.52.09

Anyway, John Brooks had a great time. Picked out some pumpkins. 2013-10-15 12.36.26Made some new friends (this kid never meets a stranger y’all). 2013-10-15 12.53.39Walked through a hay maze with the focus and intensity of someone working out a jigsaw puzzle.2013-10-15 13.02.21 Checked to make sure all the knobs and lifts were working appropriately on the antique tractor. 2013-10-15 12.44.272013-10-15 12.44.412013-10-15 12.44.472013-10-15 12.45.52 

Just another day of work for this future agriculturalist. Smile

On a side note – I long for the day when I can say “smile and say cheese” and it actually happens. In the mean time – at least he isn’t howling mad.

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