Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life Lately…

Well Hello there! Long time no see…
I haven’t done anything with the blog in forever, like in over a year forever, because well…life. It is just really hard to find any extra time when trying to be a good wife, mom, daughter, employee, Jesus lover, niece, granddaughter, et cetera, et cetera and so on and so forth.
I am home now doing the full-time stay-at-home mom/wife thing. I am happy to be able to have this opportunity to bond with our second baby (Robert Franklin Colson) in the same way I was able to bond with John Brooks. However, going from being around people all day every day to only one person who doesn’t talk back but is equally as demanding in his wishes is a challenge at times.
My hope/goal is to carve out a little time here and there and use the blog as a way to be creative/express myself/communicate/vent whatever. So in the spirit of communication here is a brief summary in no particular order of what has happened in my world since I last clicked publish.
2 Birthdays, 2 St Patrick’s Days, Easter, Preggo, Cinco de Mayo (no drinko) Winking smile
Mother’s day, Father’s day, Memorial day, Independence Day, Labor day…all the days….Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Trips to Atlanta, St Pete, Athens, TN, Knoxville, Cinnamon Beach, Daytona Beach, Jax Zoo, Disney World, Tampa, Homosassa
Blood tests, ultrasounds, baby announcements, gender reveals (or lack thereof because we don’t do surprises as much as just shout it out to everyone as soon as we know), eating too much, gaining too much, gestational diabetes (eek), high blood pressure (eek), working too much, brief appearances in L&D, sinus infections, tummy bugs, moving, growing, sleeping, sweating, painful pelvises, swelling (oh the swelling).
Walking into labor, having a baby, spending time in L&D, Postpartum, NICU, ER, PICU, doctor’s offices, and follow up appointments
Learning about babies with traumatic brain injuries, what happens when you don’t metabolize phenobarbital, seizures, MRIs, EEGs, CTs, blood draws, IV lines, lab work that doesn’t come back on time, breastfeeding, pumping, gaining weight, losing weight, sensitivities to dairy, sensitivities to sound, milestones, developmental delays, healing.
Learning (the hard way) that I am NOT in control of my circumstances. Learning what it means to ache for your children. Learning to “Let go and Let God”. Being surprised (although I shouldn’t be) that God really does have a plan. Being down on my face before God begging and pleading and crying to him for help. Wondering what I would do if the answer wasn’t the one I expected. Being in awe. Being in despair. Being in hope. Learning what love looks like. Watching my family and friends and strangers in other states rally around to pray for us and give us hope and strength. Watching as my prayers (and the prayers of many many others) are answered.
Now we are in the place of learning how to live as a family of four. It is chaotic. It is an adventure. It is a challenge. It is exhausting. I go through so many different emotions during each 24 hour period of life. I hope you will enjoy reading about all of this and more in the future.

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