Wednesday, March 5, 2014

John Brooks Lately


How is it March already? This morning when Ben and I woke up we found John Brooks in the living room playing with his “Faam Animals”….Glad that gate on his bedroom door is childproof. This moment further confirmed what I realized yesterday…we don’t have a baby anymore (cue uncontrollable sobbing here). I mean sure he still needs a snuggle from Mama every now and again and when he has a boo-boo his first reaction is “Mama kiss it”, but he sleeps in a double bed alone, wears big-boy undies most of the time, uses his own utensils, and can tell me what he wants for breakfast…. when did he get so big?

I’ve been really bad about blogging lately…as in I haven’t at all, but with time flying as fast as it is I’m starting to think that if I don’t record at least a few of these funny moments for prosperity’s sake that I will wake up one day and he will be gone to college and I won’t have anything to look back on (now that’s a depressing thought isn’t it).

- This morning I bumped my knee squarely on the corner foot post of John Brooks’ very old, very solid, wooden framed bed….I almost lost my witness at that moment and chose to lean over his bed and bite my lip rather than scream the stream of expletives running through my mind at that moment. I’m glad I did because as I lay there writhing in pain John Brooks comes over rubs my head and asks/says, “What happened Mama? Are you okay? Shhh, shhh, it will be okay, its not fair” Then he kissed my knee. – If that doesn’t make a boo-boo better I don’t know what will.

- Yesterday morning I was helping John Brooks in the bathroom and asked him to come over and stand still so that I could help him put his pants back on. He replied, “Mama these aren’t pants, they’re jamas”….oh yeah right.

- Also yesterday, JB was being his normal wild monkey self and I made a comment like “John Brooks you are a monkey” to which he replied “Mama, I not a monkey, I a boy.” – like duh woman don’t you even know a boy from a monkey.

Last one for a while – A couple of weeks ago we met Ben’s sister and her kids at McDonalds so the kids could eat together and play. John Brooks walked in and saw his idol cousin Garrison and stated “ Hey Garrison, you my boy, you my cuz” Smile

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