Thursday, April 30, 2015

Farm Fresh Eggs


My family loves eggs! John Brooks and Ben love them scrambled and I L-O-V-E a fried egg. One of the few items at the grocery store that I “splurge” on is eggs. I usually buy cage free and love it when I can buy cage free organic eggs because I truly think that they taste better than an egg raised by traditional means. I have wanted to try to find locally raised eggs for quite some time but have been out of luck until the other day.

So, I was SUPER EXCITED when my mother-in-law informed me that one of the ladies at her church has some laying hens that have free-range of her yard and this lady has been selling the eggs at church. Y’all for $5.00 I was able to get 18 eggs. In the grocery store, a dozen organic eggs is about $4.00 so I think that 18 for $5 is a great deal!

I could hardly wait to try them for breakfast this morning and I was not disappointed. Look at that pretty yolk! My subpar photography skills do not do these beauties justice. The egg went great with some avocado guacamole and bacon on toast with Siracha sauce as a breakfast sandwich. I am so happy about this find!

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